Tips for Maintaining Healthy Winter Skin


Cold weather brings such skin irritations as dryness, redness and itchiness. Follow these tips to keep your skin healthy during the cool winter months.

1. Take shorter, cooler showers

A hot shower sounds great when it’s chilly outside, but that’s one thing you shouldn’t do. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a five- to 10-minute shower at a lukewarm temperature. The hot water washes away essential oils, making your skin even dryer.

2. Wash your hands in cool water

With so much hand-washing going on during the Pandemic, you run the risk of severely drying out your hands. The CDC advises that cooler water is just as good at getting rid of germs as hot water.

3. Use fragrance-free cleansers and washes

Soaps and cleansers that have scents contain ingredients that can irritate your skin. Use a fragrance-free moisturizing cleanser instead. Your skin will thank you.

4, Use a humidifier

Winter air is dry, and home heating makes it dryer still. Use a humidifier to put much-needed moisture back in the air.

5. Don’t overdo the heat

Along with humidifier use, keep the thermostat lower. 68 to 72 degrees is comfortable enough, and will prevent your skin from drying out. And if you have a fireplace, don’t sit too close to it. The heat will do the same thing!

6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Keep your skin hydrated, especially those hands that you’re washing constantly. Apply hand cream after each washing.

7. Adopt a winter skincare routine

Use cream-based cleansers and avoid astringents, which can irritate and dry out your skin. The AAD recommends that you eliminate the use of products that contain alcohol and fragrance, especially if you’re already combating dryness. And don’t forget the lips!

8. Use sunscreen every day

Just because a winter day can be overcast and gloomy doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. The sun emits two different types of UV rays that can penetrate clouds and cause havoc with unprotected skin.

9. Eat right

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, nuts and seeds can help combat skin dryness.

10. Wear clothing that doesn’t irritate

Wool sweaters and other roughly textured clothing put directly against your skin can cause it to become even more irritated and itchy. Put on a light layer of softer, breathable material first to act as a barrier and then add the sweater.

If you’re having a difficult time managing your skin’s dryness, you may need a prescription-grade moisturizer. Contact us at (830) 331-4150 for a consultation and product recommendations.

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